This is "Louis" he was a foster kitten 8 years ago. I adopted him out because I thought he needed a home away from all the dogs here. He recently came back after his owner passed away. Louie loves greeting the customers and is comfortable and happy to be back.

This is "Chin" he is 12 years old. We got him when he was a year old, I brought him home from a shelter I worked at. He was refered to a a three time loser and was not going to be put up for adoption again due to his "aggression".  I thought they were wrong about him, at 10 lbs he was not much of a threat.  I took him home, with the hopes of rehabbing and rehoming him. As soon as Chin and my daughter met I knew he was home. He just needed to meet the right owner to get his energy out properly.

This is "Buster Bird" we got him when his owner moved and could not keep him anymore. he is very vocal you may hear him singing or just chirping in the background when you call.

This is "Kamilla" she came to live with us when she was 8 yrs old. after 5 litters of pupies. she will be 12 years old in October and living a good retirement life, she comes to work with me everyday she is like the little general, she dosent enjoy playing with dogs a lot anymore, but does enjoy a nap and lunchtime is her favorite part of the day.

This is "Sheldon" . He lived outside loose on a busy road all winter. He is happy to be living inside safe and having food and water everyday.